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I am a doula who serves Utah Valley, Utah County & Salt Lake County.  Anywhere between Nephi to Provo, or Orem, all the way up to Salt Lake, or Centerville.  I am here to serve the woman of Utah, in helping them to achieve their desired birth.

The following explains some of the frequently asked questions I receive.  I became a doula because I am obsessed with all things mommy and baby! I am so passionate about so many things, so I wasn’t sure where that journey was leading me. I went to school for social work/psychology, then I wanted to do natural healing/energy work, then I got pregnant and rediscovered myself in a whole new way.  I’m sure you have felt the magic that comes with pregnancy and birth. It changed me.

I have a sister who we call the bark eating tree hugger haha, and she is my soul sister. Our views are very much aligned and she has had 3 kids, two home-water births, and kind of paved the way. I went to her for EVERYTHING. She is the most studied on the subject of women and birth that I know. She was my doula at my birth, and since I have been able to be her doula at her home birth. The more we talked and the more I educated myself on the subject the more drawn to this area I felt. I can honestly say now, that I was called to do this. Everything about me was made to do this. My birth was incredible. I took hypnobabies classes which I LOVED! I had a 30 hr. birthing time. I did it mostly at home, then I went to the hospital for the last 5 hrs. I arrived and was at a 7, YIPEE!  I was able to have an incredible unmedicated birth.

I was trained through the DONA. I chose to go through DONA because they are the leading doula organization and have the strictest regulations and it is harder to become certified through them. I read EVERYTHING I can get my hands on about the subject, and go to seminars and clinics to further my education and keep up to date on everything that will help me best serve my clients.

I LOVE my job because I get to witness and be a part of the most magical moments in families lives. I help couples feel empowered in their choices, no matter what they are, and help facilitate them in achieving the ideal birth love story for them. It is a sacred time between husband and wife, and I gently facilitate that to happen. And there are straight from heaven babies! What gets better than that?

You can guarantee that you are getting all my passion, love for the work, and full attentiveness to achieve your ideal birth.

My childbirth philosophy is that of least amount of interference or intervention is what is best for mommy and baby, unless otherwise needed. I feel that a woman’s body is INCREDIBLE and knows what to do without doctors or anyone else scaring them, or telling them they have to do something “or else”…. The moments before and after birth are sacred, so they need to be treated as such. I prefer a more natural way of birthing, but it is up to the mommy that I am assisting as to what kind of birth she wants.  I had an awesome experience in the hospital with a midwife for my first, but my next one will be a home water birth with midwives.

The services I provide is to accompany you through labor and birth, I provide emotional support for you and daddy, physical comfort measures, and enhanced communication with your medical team. Provided services include help with breathing, relaxation, use of comfort techniques, suggestions for comfort and progress, information about options, and support for the clients choices. I will have 2 prenatal visits, I will be on call 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after your suggested due date. Obviously we will work around that if you go before or after, so my life is pretty much structured around you and waiting for your call. I will come to either your home or the hospital whichever you prefer, and will remain with you the entire time, including an hour or more after your birth to help with breastfeeding and answer any questions. I will also have one postpartum visit if you feel like you want/need it, depending on how mommy is doing. I am there to help her in any way I can, and to process her birth with her.

If you end up needing a C-Section, I will attend your birth in whatever capacity is allowed by your care provider. I will do whatever is needed by you!

My experience with breastfeeding support is very personal for me. I struggled with my milk supply and she was SO SKINNY! I was devastated that I couldn’t provide food for my lady bug. I reached out to friends and different breastfeeding groups on facebook and I am still getting donor breast milk from incredible women who are so willing to share their liquid gold with me. It has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. So I tell you this because honey…I did my research on how to increase supply, what to take, what not to take, what helps etc. I have read and read and read all about this subject and I am very passionate about breast feeding and will assist you in whatever capacity you need. I also have attended numerous lactation/breastfeeding classes. I know many resources to point you in the right direction where you can get the best help and support out there.

My favorite question I get asked is how will I involve your sweet hubby’s!!! That is what blew my mind with the clinics that I have done. We mostly talk about and practice how to involve the husband in everything we do. I am NOT there to take his place, I am there to aid in helping him, to help you. It is proven that with a doula present a partner touches the mommy TWICE as much had she not been there. Isn’t that NEAT! He is there for your emotional support, and I am there to gently guide him in how to do that if he gets stuck or finds he does not know what to do. Also if you are needing him to be there solely for emotional support, I can be the one to offer physical support while he is doing his job. Everything I do, is to make sure you are bonding and supported in every way.

I am always so grateful and humbled when a couple allows me to come and witness such a sacred moment.  I promise you, that I will handle those moments with the utmost reverence and care.  If you have any other questions please ask.  Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and what I am about. Lets talk soon!


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