The following video is made by a videographer that I am absolutely in love with, and have the honor of being her partner. Her name is Sarah and her website is┬áif you are interested in having her services. She will rock your face off haha. She also offers incredible services for your birth like catering, linen services, house cleaning, birth photography, newborn pics, newborn announcements, placenta encapsulation etc. She also offers doula services with some of her packages, and I am honored to be one of her “superstar doulas” that gets to work with her. If you are wanting me as your doula but also want your birth captured through video, Sarah is your gal! I will still photograph your birth, but this is also a great addition to capture your memories. On your babies birthday you can watch your live video and be taken back to that magic moment of meeting your new addition.

This is my sisters home birth that I had the honor of being a part of as her doula, and also a sample of the beautiful work that Sarah does. It was pure magic, and I hope you can get a feel of that through this sweet video. Enjoy. And I promise, you will want to capture your birth in many different ways once you see births like this one. It also shows what birth can be like. Full of love, empowerment, and support. Such an exciting time.

The following are a few examples of birth videos that I have made for my clients from a compilation of the photographs that I take. This is what I will make for you!

Not only am I a doula, but you have the option of having me also act as your birth photographer; when I’m not assisting you with doula responsibilities. These are priceless treasures that will be such an incredible keepsake. I watch my own all the time! I love photographing as much as I love doulaing. It is so amazing to capture those moments, where heaven and earth collide, and you begin your love story with your baby! I honor your birth journey whatever it may be. SO FUN!!!



(I did not photograph the above video, but I edited them, and did the newborn pictures.)

(The above is a long version of Rachel and Luke’s birth. It was SUPER dark, therefore very hard to photograph.)


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