“My husband was my rock. His love surrounded me when I needed it most! Having Megan as my doula allowed him to just love me, and not worry about anything else! My birth was truly the most sacred incredible experience of my life. I had very high expectations of how it would go. I put more planning into Seth’s birth than I did my own wedding! It far exceeded my expectations! The thing I wanted most was for it to be a deeply bonding experience with my husband. My last homebirth was amazing, but he was so busy getting everything ready, it wasn’t as bonding as I had hoped. Well, this time around was so tender. A huge part of that was because of my doula Megan Capps! Going into this birth I didn’t think I would necessarily need a doula since it was a homebirth, and I had an amazing homebirth before without one. Well ladies, I am now a doula convert for EVERY type of birth. Megan made it so much easier for me. It was the extra support I needed to feel in complete control the entire time. Plus we laughed and cried together. She protected the birth space, and made sure my wishes in having Dan by my side were met. I can’t even describe what happened that night. I adore every person that was there to witness such a miracle of the birth of our Seth Lorenzo Hoopes. I want you doula’s to know you have the ability to help facilitate an experience that will be cherished for a lifetime. I’m not kidding when I say it was the coolest/most spiritual/fun/most sacred experience of my life. DOULAS ROCK!!!! Hugs!” -Bri Hoopes

“I absolutely love Megan, not only as a Doula but as a person! It is precisely because she is such a beautiful person that she’s such an amazing Doula. She came to us when we needed her the most and infused so much needed energy to our birth, she made sure Daddy stayed involved through the exhaustion, and helped during the hardest part of the whole labor. She also gave us a video with pictures from the birth, which I will forever treasure. She was and continues to be such a gift for the birth of our son. You WILL NOT regret having her, she’s truly amazing!” -Denhi Chaney

“Megan has truly found her gift. I am so thankful for her knowledge, passion, support and love. She made me a believer in Doula’s!!! I will always be thankful for her involvement and support in my last birth. Things did not go as planned and I found myself in a very scary situation. She helped me physically and gave me support emotionally. She helped me advocate for myself and helped calm the nerves of my family. I cannot even fully expess in words how much she helped me. I would reccomend her a million times and give her infinity stars. It doesn’t matter your background, beliefs or situation Megan can help you!!!!” -Alexis Janique Bradley

“Megan knows her stuff! I really appreciated getting to know Megan through emails and an interview before hiring her. She is really knowledgeable about all things baby, and it was great getting to learn so much from her. She is a fun, understanding person, and she was invaluable during my birth! I felt like labor was so much easier than I expected it to be because Megan was there to help out an implement pain-relieving techniques that really worked! She was able to get my husband involved in the process too, which was a great thing for us! I am so happy we hired Megan and had her at our birth. I had been hesitant about the whole idea of hiring a doula, but in the end, I know I made the right choice! It was so great having her there to support and assist during this special time for our family. Thank you Megan!!” -Kourtney Sorensen

“It’s not often I get to see myself doing my job–my job that I love. Megan Capps captured this birth so beautifully, and was such an amazing doula for this couple, that I was just honored to be part of the support team for this wonderful couple! This was the first time I was privileged to work with Megan, and anyone who hires her as their doula is in such good, capable, loving hands, I cannot even tell you! She has been such a cheerleader for my place of employment, The Birth Center, that her lovely sister chose to birth with us several months later, and I was again privileged to be part of that support team, too! I love my job, and the people whose lives and births I get to share in, even if just for a moment. ♥ Thank you for all you do for birthing women, Megan!” -Adrianna Costellos-Martin (Midwife)

“I feel I have been the luckiest birthing mother on earth to have had Megan by my side as my Doula. I was blessed with an amazing birth, a healthy beautiful baby… and such a powerful woman supporting me. I bow to you Megan, with all my heart! I absolutely LOVED her!!!! I had an amazing birth and I thank Megan everyday!!!”  -Judy Jacobs

(This question was asked in a forum setting and this was a clients answer)

What is a doula?

“Teacher : educated me on many different options
Coach : coached me in peaks of my labour
Friend : she listened to me and my wishes
Wise woman : walked the path of motherhood before me … And she held my hand as I walked
Advocate: she was my advocate when things got a little pushy at the hospital
Planner : she guided me with writing my birth plan
Magician : she knew exactly where to apply pressure , where to gently touch … And when to let go …. She just, knew !!!
To sum it up … I would call a doula … A woman of wisdom ;)
My woman of wisdom was Megan Capps …. I will always bow to her ;)” -Judy Jacobs

“You are so amazing. We were saying all day after the birth how we couldn’t have done it with out you! Best decision we have ever made was to have you help us with our birth. Thank you so much for all of your advice and help. I was up this morning thinking about how grateful I was that you were there with us and how things couldn’t have gone any better. So, a million thank you’s to you!”  -Lindsay Hansen

“When I first started looking for a doula I immediately liked Megan. She brought such a positive energy with her and I could tell that she was passionate about what she does. We met with her a couple of times before the baby came and she was confident and reassuring both times. She brought up a lot of things regarding our birth experience to think about and offered a lot of direction as to where to look for good information and was willing to discuss anything with us. I knew that we would be supported throughout our birth experience with her. I started feeling contractions when I woke up in the morning and had my husband come home from work when I was sure that it was my birthing time. He was pretty nervous and excited just like me and we thought that it was time to go to the hospital possibly! We called Megan and she talked me through a contraction and had us wait at home for her. I am glad I did, because I was nowhere near needing to go to the hospital! After she arrived I immediately felt calmer and she was able to get me on track with all of my relaxation techniques that I had practiced. She had so many techniques to help me relax and to help minimize the pressure I was feeling. She helped me write out my birth plan, which I had in my head, and was very receptive to me when I wanted to go to the hospital…even if it was a little early. She was with us all night and morning long. I loved having her there to encourage me forward and into different positions to help my birth along. I could not have made it as long as I did without her! I know that Megan made all of the difference in my birth experience and I could not have done what I did without her. “ -Kelsey Nelson

“Love these pictures and love you. I’m so thankful you were there to love and support me and capture these beautiful moments. Makes me cry looking through all my pictures. Thank you!!!!!”  -Alexis Bradley

“Having Megan as my Doula made all the difference and the reason I had such an amazing birth! Totally recommend her of course!”  -Leah Jesperson

“Megan is an amazing Doula and she is very knowledgeable. She will take great care of you, your way, with her gentle encouraging presence.”  -Kimberly Keller

“Wonderful choice! She knows her stuff.”  -Olivia Swenson/Fellow Doula



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